Black Market III

Baker Electric stage

1:30 p.m.

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Scottie Blinn, the mastermind behind Black Market III, holds a special place in the history of San Diego roots musicians. 


He’s the guy whose bones ached with punk-rock and traditional blues as a kid and launched a musical career 26 years ago that now finds his band creating music that is blues and rock and punk and folk all in one.


Any given performance might include references to Leadbelly and Jimmie Vaughan, Social Distortion and the Clash, Tom Waits and Otis Blackwell, ZZ Top and Freddie King, and Led Zeppelin and Dick Dale.


That’s why Black Market III might just be the epitome of a true roots music band.

Formed in 2011 by Blinn and his wife, Roxanne Coverdale, BM III immediately set out to forge its own way in the world. Its music was unconventional and as it evolved the band took an unconventional career path.

Blinn’s original band, the Mississippi Mudsharks, is a well-known part of San Diego’s musical history.  Greasy and feisty, the Mudsharks reigned in San Diego by playing blues and rock, not blues-rock, but rock and blues in the same motion.

The Mudsharks became warriors of independence on the San Diego music scene. Soon, they were off touring in places that other bands never dreamed about and methodically cultivated a cult audience in Europe.


These days, Black Market III, with Joe Hager and Alan West on drums and percussion, is rarely in San Diego. The band tours regularly in its RV and springs over to Europe for a couple of months every year.

Meanwhile, Black Market III’s popularity continues to expand.  While it has accumulated numerous music awards over the past eight years, the band released its debut recording Dashboard Jesus on Rip Cat Records last November. Two songs from that album already have climbed in the Top 50 songs o Roots Music Report’s charts.

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