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Eddie 9v

take a listen!

eddie 9v  julia rae 1.jpg

 Even at an early age, Eddie 9V knew that the music he loved was all about the feel.


A native of Atlanta, he’d been attracted to the roots and blues music he heard around him. The more he listened, the more he was convinced that he wanted his music to reflect real-life.


“I’ve seen a trend in modern recording,” the 26-year-old says. “There’s no soul. I took inspiration from Albert Collins, Otis Rush, Michael Bloomfield. All those great records were done live with their buddies and no overdubs. I wanted the playing to be spot-on - but even if we made a mistake, we kept going.”


 That led to a breakthrough sound for Eddie 9V. He’s got the blasting horns, rattling drums, a slide guitar that slithers then slices and dices, and a powerful voice of a young man committed to his music in no uncertain terms. That’s what it all comes down to, a soulful voice that aches with the bumps and skids of life.


It’s soul at work. Not the kind you can ramp up in the recording studio, but the soul that comes from a real person willing to share tragedy and success with random listeners. It’s the kind of music that people gravitate to because it captures feelings that everyone has had at one time or another. It simply makes a connection.


That’s what Eddie 9V wants to achieve. He wants people to feel the music, feel the power of the music and his voice. He wants people to find comfort in his songs.


“It makes my day to please someone after they work all day,” he says. “My job is to make them smile and let the music make them forget – or remember.”

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