Eric Gales

Baker Electric stage

5:30 p.m.

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 In retrospect, there’s probably no way anyone could have stopped Eric Gales from becoming a guitar player.

The youngest of four brothers from Memphis, Tenn., Eric simply was following a family tradition. At age 4, he started playing guitar, copying his older siblings by flipping over the guitar to play left-handed and upside down. By 16, he had his own recording contract and at one point recorded an album called Left Hand Brand with brothers Eugene and Manuel Gales.

Manuel’s influence isn’t to be overlooked. He taught his young brother all about the guitar work of B.B. King, Albert King and Jimi Hendrix.  Manuel would also take on the Little Jimmy King name in deference to Albert King and Jimi Hendrix and put on a scintillating guitar performance at the old San Diego Blues Festival in 2000.


Sidelined for several years by substance-abuse issues, Eric made a stunning comeback in 2017 with his Middle of the Road CD, which features Gary Clark Jr., Lauryn Hill and Christone “Kingfish” Ingram.


Today, Eric stands in rare company as a blues-rock guitarist.  His guitar work is wild with funky grooves and loaded with controlled passion. On stage, his energy flows from his guitar directly to those within its sound.  It’s a near irresistible mix.

Other musicians have taken note. These are some of the words being used to describe his work:


“He is absolutely incredible,” says Carlos Santana.


“One of the best, if not the best guitar player in the world,” says Joe Bonamassa.


“How Eric Gales isn’t the hugest name in rock guitar is a total mystery,” says Dave Navarro.


With that kind of support, Eric is rapidly being acknowledged in a very public way.  His 2019 schedule, not only includes more than 120 dates in the U.S., but shows in Switzerland, The Netherlands, Slovenia, Hungary, Lithuania, Canada, Norway, France and Spain.


His February release The Bookends made a quick escalation on the music charts, and featured collaborators such a vocalist Beth Hart and guitarist Doyle Bramhall II, who has been a member of Eric Clapton’s band for the past decade.

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