Bring Two Cans of Food
to Donate to the Food Bank


Volunteers will be outside the main gate on Sept. 7 collecting food donations for the San Diego Food Bank and its North County Food Bank Chapter ahead of the holidays.

Most Need Food Items:

  • Canned Meats (Tuna, Chicken)

  • Dry or Canned Beans

  • Cereal

  • Rice

  • Nuts and Seeds

  • Peanut Butter

  • Canned Soup

  • Canned or Dried Fruit

  • Canned Vegetables

  • Powdered Milk

  • Pasta

  • Infant Formula

  • Tuna in water

  • Black, Pinto, Kidney, Low Sodium

  • Low Sugar, Whole Grain or Bran

  • Brown, Wild Rice

  • Almonds, Unsalted, Flax seeds

  • No Sugar Added

  • Low Sodium, Low Fat

  • Packed in water or own juice

  • Low Sodium or No Salt Added

  • Low or Non-Fat

  • Whole Grain

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