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When the Lovell sisters started their musical journey, their goal was to find their own voice.

Born in Georgia and transplanted to Nashville, Rebecca and Megan Lovell were drawn to the blues, but other roots music also infiltrated their explorations. 

What eventually materialized was a roots music sound unlike any other.  The sisters found their voice, and it was fresher than anyone had a right to expect.

When their album Venom & Faith was released in November, it was clear that after nine years these artists had finally hit the sweet spot between traditional and modern-day music. No one could deny that.


Rebecca’s guitar and Megan’s lap steel guitar found a home in their original songs and some interesting production twists. They incorporated organic percussive sounds – the thumping of dresser drawers, the slamming of back doors, and the stomping of hardwood floors.  All things from the past, but tailored to their own style.

Their 2017 album, Peach, won a nomination for Best Emerging Artist at the Blues Music Awards.

Their southern heritage shows up everywhere in their music on Venom & Faith. From Rebecca’s powerful vocals on “Ain’t  Gonna Cry” to Megan’s sultry lap steel on “Good And Gone,” there is a distinct weaving of their talents into the fabric of their experience and a picture of the American South. “Blue Ridge Mountains” shows that connection to the sister’s home where drinking sweet tea every day fits right in with stomping percussion and churning riffs.


“Going into this record, we were feeling more confident in ourselves and our story and our voice,” Megan says. “And having found our voice — we wanted to realize that.”

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