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It may seem like Larkin Poe went zero to 60 mph on its way to the front ranks of today’s blues stars, but that’s only an illusion. It’s actually been a steady climb as sisters Rebecca and Megan Lovell worked their way through the musical world until they found the right style just for them. The result is a refreshing combination of musical technical skill, impressive stage presence and songs that come straight from their experiences in life. It wasn’t easy getting there, but when they released the 2020 Self Made Man album, the Georgia-raised sisters knew they had found their musical home in the blues.


The strange title of the album is a pointed gender twist from their song “She’s A Self Made Man,” a song that flexes their power as songwriters. “Life is all about balance,” says Rebecca. “Sometimes it’s sweet, sometimes it’s sour. With ‘She’s A Self Made Man’, I wanted to write a song about the up-and-down ride that Megan and I have been on for the past ten years of building Larkin Poe.”


In their early days, Rebecca, Megan and sister Jessica took violin and piano lessons and joined a youth symphony. By 2005, the Lovell Sisters Band had set their sights on being a bluegrass band and released its first album. After a few years, Jessica dropped out of the band and the sisters switched gears. “It’s hard to know who you are and it can take time to figure out what your purpose is, but I feel thankful that in recent years, my own feelings have started to click and make sense,” Rebecca says.. “Knowing and accepting yourself: that is empowerment.


The confidence of their 2020 album success in singer-guitarist Rebecca, 30, and lap-steel guitarist Megan, 32,  is stunning. Taking advantage of a slow pandemic year, the sisters followed up with Kindred Spirits, a tribute to their musical influences such as the Allman Brothers, Robert Johnson, the Bo Diddley and Elvis Presley. That alone is a tribute their roots the Lovell Sisters have immersed themselves in through the years. They understand that their music is made not in a vacuum, but that it relies as much on what influenced them as the music they are creating as they move forward.


So, in a short time, they have tasted the top of the Billboard charts and already have a Grammy nomination in their pocket.  That’s saying something about their accelerating career.