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The Memphissippi Sounds create blues that links the past with the real-life of today’s world.  Damion “Yella P” Pearson and Cameron Kimbrough have taken a traditionally regional sound from northern Mississippi and infused it with Memphis soul, and a bit of hip-hop attitude.

The band’s music is at once vibrant and soul-drenched, winning plaudits for its authenticity from magazines such as Rolling Stone, Relix and Goldmine among others. Downbeat went as far as to hail Memphissippi Sounds’ 2021 “Welcome To The Land” as album of the year.

Yella P is a former hip-hop artist whose attraction to the blues grew the more he heard it.  Cameron is the grandson of the late Junior Kimbrough, whose Mississippi Hill Country juke joint was at the center of the music.

Hill Country blues is one of the last regional dialects of the blues. It is distinct from the more popular Delta blues, having survived for generations in the isolation of northern Mississippi. Through Junior Kimbrough and R.L. Burnside the music gained respect around the world for its primitive droning and hypnotic potency. 

Yella P and Cameron keep that gritty feel in their sound, and combine it with social commentary and explorations of relationships in a way no others do.  They are creating their own market with music that testifies to the historical protest and healing of the blues.

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