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Mr. Sipp’s got the blues, but he doesn’t feel sad about it at all.

A child prodigy who took up the guitar at the age of 6, the McComb, Miss., native spent more than two decades as a gospel musician playing with bands such as The Legendary Williams Brothers, The Canton Spirituals, and The True Believers.

But as successful as he’d been in the gospel realm, Mr. Sipp (Castro Coleman) had his mind set on changing things up and playing blues for a living. His high-energy has been dominating stages since he made the move in 2012, winning praise across the country for his inspired brand of music.


He opened his own blues club in Magnolia, Miss., just down the road from his hometown. He told Blues Blast Magazine that he was determined to dispel the notion that blues is a sad music and believed that just by exposing people to his brand of blues, he’d turn some heads.


People told him they didn’t want to hear the blues, but he knew that if they opened themselves up to the experience that he just makes some converts. And that’s what happened.


 “Don’t go by what anyone tells you,” he said. “People can change.”


When he first played the blues in 2012, it was with an ad hoc band that knew only three songs. They entered the regional International Blues Challenge competition and found themselves in Memphis competing with bands from around the world. The band learned a fourth song just so they could fill out their stage time.


A year later, he has transformed into Mr, Sipp, the Mississippi Blues Child. His band won the International Blues Challenge, Coleman won the Albert King Best Guitarist Award, and a string of successes of blues band just started.


Today, Mr. Sipp is established as a bluesman capable of rousing even the people who think blues is only sad.


‘That’s what it’s all about,” he said. “It’s not about picking up the honorarium, and it not about winning the BMA.  It’s about winning another lover of the music so they can understand the joy of it.


 “Man, that’s gravy to me. I get chills talking about it.”      

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