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Rick Estrin
& the nightcats


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take a listen!

It is no stretch to make the case that Rick Estrin & the Nightcats is one of the best blues bands in the world today. Consider these facts:

  • Nine of the past 12 years, the band has been nominated as Band of the Year at the Blues Music Awards. It won in 2018.

  • Ten of the past 12 years, Estrin has been nominated as harmonica player of the year.

  • Eight of the past 12 years, Estrin has been nominated for the B.B. King Entertainer of the Year award.  He won in 2018.

  • For the last four years guitar player Christoffer “Kid” Andersen has been nominated as the guitar player of the year.

  • Derrick “D’Mar” Martin has been nominated in the past as drummer of the year.

  • Rick Estrin & the Nightcats were nominated for seven awards at this year’s Blues Music Awards competition, more than any other band.


Behind all that is the simple fact that Estrin & the Nightcats are one the slickest blues bands, you’ll ever witness.

Start with Estrin. He’s a master storyteller whose lyrics are as funny and insightful as anything in the blues today. He’s also the only blues harmonica player who can play with the harmonica with no hands and have it stick perpendicular out of his mouth.


Next is Kid Andersen. He’s Norwegian and apparently did nothing else during his childhood than study blues music. He is a masterful guitar player, and not afraid to step out on a ledge if it means a better guitar tone.  Add to that his business running Greaseland, a San Jose recording studio that has made dozens of blues records in the 21st Century. No other studio can stack up to Greaseland’ success in this century.

Next is D’Mar. He spent 17 years as Little Richard’s drummer and learned a thing or a hundred about showbiz. When you least expect it, D’Mar will startle you by leaping over his drum kit and head into the audience for an extended solo that will have him beating and tapping on anything that is within reach.

The fourth – and least celebrated – member of the band is Lorenzo Farrell.  He not only plays a nasty keyboards but uses his Hammond B3 organ to play bass lines for the band.  So he’s sort of a two-in-one player and also holds the band together with his Zen-like personality.


But seeing, as they say, is believing. Don’t take our word for it. See Rick Estrin & the Nightcats in live performance and be the judge of whether there is anyone better.