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It didn’t take long for Southern Avenue to brand itself with rock-solid soul credentials.

In just three short years, the Memphis-based band used its wide-ranging musical interests while showcasing the powerful chemistry and electrifying sound to carry the Southern soul legacy into the 21st Century.


The result was a Grammy nomination in 2020, a musical aspiration even the best of bands can wait years for, but not Southern Avenue.

The band’s story started in 2013 when guitarist Ori Naftaly brought his soul, blues and funk band from Israel to Memphis to compete in the International Blues Challenge.  There he felt the constraints of his band, and vowed to do something different.


He met singer Tierinii Jackson, who had honed her vocal skills in church as well as in cover bands and theatrical productions and her sister Tikyra, a drummer. They realized the potency they had together and added keyboard player Jeremy Powell and bass player Evan Sarver.


Together they have an intoxicating allure. Their usic just seems to flow naturally, creating grooves that seduces any audience.


Their 2017 debut earned them the award as “Best Emerging Artist” at the Blues Music Awards in Memphis the following spring and it’s second CD, Keep On, quickly garnered the Grammy nomination early this year.


 “What makes it Southern Avenue,” Tierinii says, “is that when we come together, the music we make together is much we could have never come up with individually. It’s really rewarding to have so many influences in the band, and that we can find the balance between them."

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