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Nearly 20 years ago, a group of guys with similar musical tastes in San Diego got together to create a band they would eventually call The Fremonts.  Each enjoyed an underappreciated and mainly forgotten side of the blues, swamp blues that had been created along the Gulf Coast.


The music was often molasses-paced and featured the influences of Cajun and zydeco music.


The main purveyors of swamp blues had colorful names like Slim Harpo, Lazy Lester, Lonesome Sundown, Lightnin’ Slim, Guitar Gable and Silas Hogan.  These were hardly well-known names with the general public, but within the blues community, they had gravitas and an unmistakable stamp of authenticity.


The Fremonts not only took inspiration from their music, but through the years they have continually evolved as a band by looking backward.


And in doing so singer/percussionist Mighty Joe Milsap, funky drummer Al West, with Tony Tomlinson and Patrick Skog switching bass and guitar duties, The Fremonts have earned their own unique standing in the blues community.