The Sleepwalkers

Baker Electric stage

12 noon

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The Sleepwalkers have a very succinct mission statement. The band’s goal is to move and groove.

That’s it. Just music that is played from the soul and reaches out and grabs the audience with the same inspiration the band members get from the song.

It’s been that way for 27 years.


The San Diego band has always been about playing roots music and having a good time doing it. The band hit a rough spot and stopped playing for some time and came back nearly 10 years later when it just felt right.

You feel the music of The Sleepwalkers as much as hear it.  It’ll enter your ears, roll around your head, sneak up and down you spine and before it your arms and legs will be doing dances you didn’t know were inside you.

 Band leader Johnny Valenzuela says that’s the goal.


 “We just want to see people dancing any way they want,” he says. “When that happens … when we look out and see the dance floor packed with people having fun … we know it’s working.”


And, their music comes from all over the map.  The band incorporates, blues, rockabilly, cumbias from its Latino heritage, rock and surf music.  There’s never a dull moment.

Some songs they’ll even sing in Spanish, simply because soul has no language barriers.

The band has drawn inspiration from the historic Latino bands such Thee Midnighters, ? & the Mysterians and the Sir Douglas Quintet.

But there’s also homage being paid to The Blasters, Los Lobos, Santana, Malo, the Texas Tornados, Los Fabulocos and the Paladins.

The only thing that collection of bands has in common is that they were built for the dance floor.  And, that’s something that’s right up the alley of The Sleepwalkers.

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