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Sometimes, it’s a bit magical hearing a real talent for the first time. One listen to Tia Carroll, and you’ll immediately wonder where this woman has been all these years.


She’s simply been paying her dues as a background singer and fronting her own bands in the Bay Area, but remarkably her first collection of original blues and soul songs (as well as a few covers) only surfaced this year through Jim Pugh’s Little Village Foundation.


Pugh, longtime organist for Robert Cray and Etta James, formed LVF to bring less commercial and undiscovered musical talents to the rest of us. In just the past few years artists like Carroll, Aki Kumar, Whitney Shay, Wee Willie Walker and the Sons of the Soul Revivers have been among the more than three dozen acts LVF has given a boost to.

Carroll’s voice carries with her all the worldly wisdom she’s accumulated, as well a playful attitude designed to seduce any ears. In retrospect, it’s remarkable that anyone so talented could hide out in public for so long.


Credit guitarist/studio whiz Kid Andersen with leveraging her talents in his San Jose studio-home, Greaseland.  Andersen and Pugh’s guidance created a platform to show off Carroll at her best on her new recording You Gotta Have It.


And, while so many artists find an approach that works so well, they want to lock into it on every song, Carroll approaches each song as a living thing that she can burst from.  Just listen to her for a couple of songs and you’ll see what we mean.