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Watermelon Slim (William Homans III) comes from a blue-blooded Boston family. He grew up in Ashville, N.C., where he heard blues songs as sung by his family maid.

Immediately, he was his own man. He took an uncharted path, that led him to jobs as diverse as a forklift driver, funeral officiator, watermelon farmer, small-time criminal, newspaper reporter, saw miller and truck driver for industrial waste.

His family didn’t quite know what to make of this black sheep and after a career as a bluesman that has led to 14 albums, his family is still mystified by his career choice.

But once you see Slim on the bandstand, you’ll understand. He’s found a way to unleash deep down passions that spew forth out his mouth, his slide guitar and his harmonica.  A critic for Paste magazine calls him “the most exciting and authentic blues performer I’ve heard in years.”


That’s important to Slim. He doesn’t do things he can’t be all-in with, but his music has never been an issue.


From his days learning to play slide guitar while laid up in a Vietnam hospital, to playing the Boston music circle with people such as Bonnie Raitt and Mississippi Fred McDowell, Slim has always tried to present his truest self on stage.


He recorded his first album in 1973, but waited 27 years before recording No. 2. Since then, he’s been nominated for 20 Blues Music Awards, winning top honors in 2008 for Album of the Year and Band of the Year.


His latest recording, Traveling Man, is a two-CD set of live recordings released early in 2020 that immediately vaulted high onto the list of critics and fans alike.

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