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Where in the world is Whitney Shay?


That may seem a simple question, but the San Diego R&B singer is hard to keep tabs on. She’s here in San Diego one minute, then South America, then Europe. Her music is on television shows on NBC, HBO and Bravo and it’ll even be showing up in a major movie soon. In addition, she’ll perform more than 200 times last year, in several different band formats.


In March 2019, she was honored as “Artist of the Year” and for  “Best Blues Album of the Year” at the San Diego Music Awards.


And, then there are her records. Whitney landed a record deal with the non-profit Little Village Foundation in 2018 and went into Kid Andersen’’s Greaseland recording studio in San Jose, with a pile of songs under her arms.


What emerged from Greaseland was  A Woman Rules the World,  a fresh sound, filled with songs of female empowerment featuring Whitney’s impassioned vocals. With doses of blues, funk, soul and rock, the wide-ranging album showed off Whitney’s sultry and captivating vocals at every turn.


In early 2020, Whitney’s album Stand Up! was released and debuted No. 1 on Billboard’s Blues Charts.

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